About Platinum2x4

Platinum2x4 was created to help fill your wallet with crypto and fast. We know that most people can't refer more than 2 or 3 people so we looked at a number of matrices and found that the 2x4 is both achievable and effective.

Earn quickly with Platinum2x4 and build a huge crypto portfolio with a small network of people in your matrix.

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Why Choose Platinum2x4

Platinum2x4 has put much thought into what our members need and want to see in a program.


Small Matrix

Each phase is a 2x4. Only 30 people needed to finish the entire level. With a small team you can upgrade quicker.


Fast Upgrades

Deposit your funds and upgrade to each level in order at anytime. You can also upgrade from profits made from the previous matrix.


PIF Features

Many members find it easier to just pay it foward to new members. We have a fast and easy PIF system in place.

Total Members
Total Positions
Total Earned
Total Withdrawals

Platinum2x4 Pay Plan

Each matrix in our site is a 2x4 matrix. All of your referrals will follow you as long as you upgrade before them!

Compensation Overview

Please use the graphic below to better understand the compensation plan.

Phase 1 Levels

When you cycle each phase, you will receive a reentry to start that phase over.

Phase 2 Levels

You can upgrade throughout the levels with the commissions from the previous levels.

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