What is Platinum2x4?

Platinum2x4 is an online advertising business that rewards its members in a 2x4 matrix.

What do I get by purchasing at Platinum 2x4?

You receive advertising credits that can be used to advertise via Text Ads and Banners Ads to a highly targeted membership base. 

Can I earn without referrals at Platinum 2x4?

Yes, you can earn from sponsor spillover without referrals. Spilover is not guaranteed.

Should I refer members to Platinum 2x4?

Yes,we recommend referring to our program o get the most out of this program..

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept BTC, TRON, LTC, and USDT TRC20

When and how often do you pay commissions?

Any member that has an active position in Platinum 2x4 will have the ability to withdraw once their available balance hits the minimum manual withdrawal of $5. We strive to send out commissions within a few ours of them being requested

What is the minimum withdrawal?

The minimum manual withdrawal is $10 USD. We will monitor if this is effective for both admins and users.

Is there a deposit fee?

We do have a small deposit fee of 25% to cover conversion costs. This will be evaluated as crypto prices rise and fall. We understand this is high, but this number comes from our processor in order to make sure we do not lose money on deposits. A $5 deposit cost $6.25 and we will receive right at $5 if not a little under. We will adjust this up and down as needed.

Is there a withdrawal fee?

Yes, there is a $2 USDT TRC20 withdrawal fee incurred for processing. We will evaluate this and if it goes down we can alter the fee.

Can I earn as a free member?

No, only members that have purchased our initial advertising package can earn from our system.

What are the purchase requirements of the program?

You must purchase a Level 1 matrix position to earn in the program.

What is the comp plan structure?

Platinum2x4 has 8 phases of 2x4 matrices, please see the home page for details.

Is there a PIF system?

Yes, we do have a PIF system. You may PIF any of your direct referrals into any level from your Available funds.  We also have a Global PIF system where you can PIF any free members who have been in the system for 3 days or more.

How does the 2x4 work?

When you purchase your initial position, you will follow your sponsor. Any other purchases will all under your first postion. This also goes for any position in any of the 8 matrices.

What do you receive in each level in Platinum2x4?

You will receive the following credits for each level purchased

1000 banner and 1000 text credits for level 1. When you enter each additional level you will receive 1000 banner and text credits for levels 2-5.

Are they any refunds?

No, there are no refunds for any reason. Please make sure to read all the details about the product(s), compensation plan, TOS, Privacy Policy, etc. before making a decision to purchase.